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A resident for almost 40 years, I enjoy showing London to first-timers, regular visitors and locals eager to learn more about their home.

I am English but have also lived in the United States. I am therefore especially keen to introduce Americans to London. As we walk its streets, we’ll see how British and American experiences overlap. London reflects our shared history in so many ways…from the Founding Fathers to our similar endeavours as Allies during the Second World War.

Special interests include military history, architecture, our royal heritage and Britain’s rock ‘n’ roll revolution. I am as comfortable exploring Churchill’s wartime London or explaining the Changing of the Guards as I am walking the streets of Swinging Sixties London – perhaps with a stop in a pub or two.

Before becoming a Blue Badge guide, I spent many years working as a banker in the City of London. I’m well-positioned to introduce visitors to the Square Mile, the world’s most vibrant financial centre.  A walk amidst the grand architecture of this ancient quarter reveals how the City of London developed from a remote Roman outpost to an economic powerhouse.

Whatever we do we’ll have a relaxed but informative day tailored to your wishes and interests.

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