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Highest Tourist Guiding Qualification in the UK

When you hire a Blue Badge Guide, you are guaranteed expertise that comes from formal education and continued professional development.

In order to obtain that coveted oval badge, Blue Badge guides complete a rigorous two-year course that comprises both classroom and on-site training. We must pass 11 exams, both written and oral, that test our depth of knowledge and ability to convey it to a diverse group of people.

Blue Badges emerge from the course with a thorough knowledge of British history and culture, along with guiding expertise at many historic sites, including Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, Stonehenge, Greenwich, and Bath.

In London, we are the only outside guides allowed to conduct tours at Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. We also train at St Paul’s Cathedral, the National Gallery, the British Museum and throughout the City of London, Westminster, Docklands and Greenwich.

But the greatest reason to hire a Blue Badge is that we all have an insatiable curiousity. We are constantly learning and expanding our knowledge base. We have constant access to professional development courses and tours of private sites that enrich our presentations to clients.

What ia a Blue Badge Guide?: About
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